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Welcome to Bridge House

Bridge House is the premier diagnostic and assessment oriented residential treatment center for adults. Set in a comfortable home-like environment, Bridge House provides stabilization, assessment, diagnostics and treatment for adults struggling with mental illness and substance use disorders.

Each component of the program is designed to assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of their illness and in acquiring the skills required to live a life with purpose and fulfillment.


Our Approach To Care

Bridge House operates from the belief that people struggling with psychological, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges, are capable of experiencing wellness.  Using a combination of compassion, diagnostic expertise and clinical sophistication, Bridge House individualizes a course of care that assists men and women in moving toward a life filled with meaning and joy.

In a non-institutional, 24 hour supervised environment for adults ages 18-55, Bridge House delivers a unique approach to comprehensive and integrative stabilization and diagnostic services.


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